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The climate, energy and cost-of-living crises must be tackled simultaneously. To assist the Federal Government to rise to the challenge, the Climate Council outlines ten climate 'gamechangers' that can strengthen the economy, put downward pressure on energy prices over the medium to long term and drive steep emissions reductions this decade – particularly in the high emitting sectors.

Key findings

  1. Australia’s journey to net zero is only beginning. Over the next eight years to 2030, we will need to get on a steep trajectory of emissions reductions, with existing efforts ramped up significantly and quickly.
  2. By reducing Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels like coal and gas, the federal government can address climate change, as well as our energy and cost-of-living crises.
  3. There is an acute shortage of skilled workers across clean industries, and this needs to be rapidly addressed in order for Australia to be able to race towards net zero.
  4. To get emissions falling as fast and far as possible by 2030, we need to electrify our vehicles, find new ways of moving people around and reduce the need to travel.
  5. The federal government needs to put its money where its mouth is by supporting households and industry to move away from fossil fuels, and phasing out any taxpayer support for coal, oil or gas.
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