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Comparison of salaries of medical specialists: Australia and New Zealand

Health practitioners Wage inequality Wages New Zealand Australia

This report compares the salaries of New Zealand and Australian medical specialists. A ratio of the top to bottom salary steps is presented for each jurisdiction. This provides information on the relative spread of the salary steps and enables a comparison between areas of the salary progression potential. Non-salary benefits are also summarised.

Key findings:

  1. Pay rates in Australia are significantly higher for Medical Specialists. The average salary in New Zealand is less than 60% of the average Australian salary.
  2. The top salary step on the New Zealand pay scale is slightly below the lowest salary step for a newly qualified Australian Specialist.
  3. Household expenditure is higher in Australia, but increased costs do not explain the difference in the salaries of Medical Specialists. Those earning Australian salaries have a higher purchasing power than those in New Zealand.



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