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Backing Australia's ability: the Australian government's innovation report 2005-06

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The Australian Government is committed to the future prosperity of our nation and to fostering and improving our record of innovation. It is only through a world-class education and skills development system, and access to the best ideas and technology in the world, that we can grow our economic prosperity and nurture the capacity of our people to innovate and to develop new ideas.

Backing Australia’s Ability and Backing Australia’s Ability – Building Our Future through Science and Innovation is providing a record $8.3 billion 10 year commitment to our innovation system.

The strategy focuses on strengthening Australia’s ability to generate ideas and undertake research, accelerating the commercial application of these ideas, and developing and retaining Australian skills. It includes incentives such as increased tax concessions for R&D, and support for commercialising scientific research and innovative ideas.

The Australian Government’s Innovation Report 2005-06 highlights the achievements being made by government, industry and the research sector working together to produce economic and social benefits. It also demonstrates how a whole-of-government approach, together with consultation with industry and researchers, is critical to the success of Australia’s innovation strategy.

By supporting the creation, development and implementation of new ideas through Backing Australia’s Ability, we can ensure Australian enterprises can continue to turn good ideas into more jobs and greater economic prosperity for Australia.

John Howard

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