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Workforce-ready: challenges and opportunities for VET

'No frills' discussion paper
Vocational education and training Transition to work Australia

The phrase ‘workforce-ready’ might bring several different scenarios to mind. It may conjure an image of graduates making their first foray into the world of work. Or perhaps it evokes a sense of preparing for future jobs, the details of which are not yet clear. It might also elicit thoughts of people needing to upskill, perhaps to re-enter the labour market after an absence, or in response to some change in their organisation or with their job. It could also mean something as simple as getting the necessary accreditation to work in a particular industry. The vocational education and training (VET) system plays a large role in meeting all these needs.

Workforce ready: challenges and opportunities for VET is the theme for the 29th National Vocational Education and Training Research Conference, ‘No Frills’.

This discussion paper considers the balance between ensuring that people have the skills they need to work now and equipping them with the knowledge and/or skills that will enable them to adapt to the changes they will inevitably see in their working lives.

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