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This resource contains information about suicide which may be upsetting to some people.


State of the nation in suicide prevention 2020

A survey of the suicide prevention sector
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Suicide Prevention Australia designed the State of the Nation in Suicide Prevention Survey to gather in-depth intelligence from their membership and the broader suicide prevention sector.

The survey, and this report, are structured around four key themes: the current operating environment; risks and protective factors; our National Policy Platform priorities of whole of government reform, accurate, reliable data and workforce strategy; and the funding environment.

The information they have gathered on this area will inform their policy and advocacy work in 2020/21.

Suicide Prevention Australia aims to conduct the survey annually, with the results to be released every World Suicide Prevention Day. In this baseline iteration, they have combined quantitative questions to provide the basis for mapping trends with open-ended, qualitative questions. These have enabled them to gather insights that will shape future iterations of the survey.

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