Whilst most young people are doing well, a concerning number are vulnerable to or directly affected by ill mental health (Lawrence et al., 2015). The experience of mental illness can have long lasting impacts including social disconnection and poorer life outcomes (AIHW, 2015). Alongside strategies in early intervention and prevention (Australian Government Department of Health, 2015) is the need to promote good mental health and wellbeing by targeting protective factors such as social connectedness and help-seeking. Social marketing, especially using digital media, holds enormous potential for engaging young people, leveraging community and social connectedness and nudging behaviour in positive ways Online campaigns developed with young people that utilise existing peer networks and game-based strategies may nudge help-seeking practises to become a proactivebehaviour for well-being. This project leverages these opportunities through a collaboration between the University of South Australia, Western Sydney University, Queensland University of Technology, Zuni and the Young & Well CRC.

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