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Discussion paper

Growing Victoria’s potential: the opportunities and challenges of Victoria’s population growth

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This paper begins to explore the key areas Infrastructure Victoria will examine further as they develop the updated 2020 infrastructure strategy.

Regional investment should be targeted to address regional opportunities and challenges.

Victoria’s regions each have unique opportunities and challenges and effective infrastructure initiatives will target these. Regional investments that aim primarily to take pressure off Melbourne are unlikely to be an effective solution to population growth challenges.

Increasing density will help accommodate growth and improve access to infrastructure.

Melbourne will continue to be a low density city. While many people enjoy low density living, there are downsides, including the level of infrastructure and services governments can provide to the community. Decisions about the future shape of Melbourne will come with a trade-off between the infrastructure people want and the level of density needed to support it.

Infrastructure should be planned and delivered in a way that integrates with where people want to live and work.

Better integration of land use and infrastructure planning is important so that growth happens in areas best suited to accommodate it. This needs to be supported by initiatives which get the most out of our infrastructure. This could mean paying differently for some infrastructure or changing land use settings to bring infrastructure, people and jobs closer together.

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