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The Australian Blueprint for Career Development is a framework that can be used to design, implement and evaluate career development programs for young people and adults. At its core, the Blueprint identifies the skills, attitudes and knowledge that individuals need to make sound choices and to effectively manage their careers. The primary aim of the Blueprint is to enable teachers, parents, career development practitioners, employment service providers, employers or others who are in a position to support people’s careers and transitions, to work with a nationally consistent set of career management competencies which will help all Australians to better manage their lives, learning and work. The Blueprint identifies eleven career management competencies which are grouped into three areas.  The eleven competencies are: 1. PERSONAL MANAGEMENT  Build and maintain a positive self-concept Interact positively and effectively with others Change and grow throughout life  2. LEARNING AND WORK EXPLORATION Participate in lifelong learning supportive of career goals  Locate and effectively use career information Understand the relationship between work, society and  the economy 3. CAREER BUILDING Secure/create and maintain work  Make career-enhancing decisions Maintain balanced life and work roles Understand the changing nature of life and work roles Understand, engage in and manage the career-building process

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