Carbon dioxide emissions intensity for new Australian light vehicles 2019

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Each year since 2009, the National Transport Commission (NTC) has published a carbon dioxide emissions intensity report on new Australian light vehicles. This is the latest in this series and provides data for 2019.

Key findings:

  • Electric vehicles are becoming more popular, with 5,875 electric vehicles sold by FCAI members and Tesla in 2019 compared with 2,357 vehicles sold in 2018—a 149 per cent increase.
  • The national average carbon dioxide emissions intensity from new passenger vehicles decreased by 0.3 per cent and increased for light commercial vehicles by 0.7 per cent in 2019. The combined average emissions intensity of 180.5 g/km is a 0.2 per cent decrease from 2018.
  • If people who purchased new vehicles in 2019 had chosen the best-in-class for emissions performance, Australia’s average carbon emissions intensity would have dropped 63 per cent to 67 g/km.
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