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Google’s economic impact in Australia

Google Advertising Digital marketing Digital platforms Economic modelling Australia

Digital technologies have become central to how Australians conduct their daily lives and work. As a rapidly growing number of Australian businesses and consumers buy, sell and interact with each other online, tools like Google’s search, advertising, maps and productivity platforms generate significant value for businesses and consumers throughout the nation.

For businesses, such value is experienced in the form of revenue gains, access to new customers and markets, as well as cost and time savings. For consumers, these come in the form of increased convenience, greater productivity in their daily lives, as well as improved access to entertainment and information.

Key findings:

  • Google helps Australian businesses increase revenues
  • Google helps Australian businesses save time
  • 60% of Google’s business benefits go to small and medium-sized enterprises
  • Australian consumers are estimated to derive total benefits worth AU$14 billion from Google’s services each year
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