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A migration system for Australia’s future: discussion paper

Skilled migration Labour force productivity Immigration Australia

Australia confronts considerable change and uncertainty over the coming decades, driven by the need to respond to a complex set of entangled economic, strategic and social challenges and opportunities. These include the economic, demographic and social consequences of an ageing population, slowing population growth, and weak productivity growth, all of which are occurring against a backdrop of heightened geopolitical uncertainty and a need to secure critical supply-chains and enhance national resilience.

Yet today, our businesses and employers, across the breadth of industries, are struggling with critical skill and worker shortages, while our economy is hampered by limited innovation and a narrow industrial base. These are not the pre-requisites for future economic stability and security.

This discussion paper seeks the views of interested individuals and organisations on the key elements of a future-focused and transformative strategy that will allow Australia to fully realise the potential of migration.

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