The business end of broadband: what business users want from high-speed broadband

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This report assesses business users’ attitudes on a range of issues that are material to the reviews of the national broadband network (NBN).

Key recommendations:

  • Giving greater priority to rolling out infrastructure to poorly served businesses and industrial estates in outer suburban and regional areas.
  • Taking into account the needs of different user groups, including business users, in the reviews of the NBN. This should include the different technical requirements and service levels they may require from a high-speed broadband service.
  • Ensuring affordable access to fibre to the premise (FTTP) services for those businesses that desire it and the release of key details about these services such as availability, provisioning and pricing.
  • Outlining the types of enterprise product packages on offer to businesses and the impact of a revised model on the small, medium and large enterprise products currently offered or under development by NBN Co.
  • Clearly communicating any timetable revisions to the business community to ensure businesses are aware of when services will become available in their area.
  • Identifying how a revised model will allow for an upgrade path to FTTP services in the longer term.
  • Continuing to provide targeted support to build businesses' digital capabilities, where there is evidence that gaps exist, through initiatives like the Digital Business programs.
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