Inquiry into the Environment Protection Amendment (banning plastic bags, packaging and microbeads) Bill 2016

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The inquiry into the Environment Protection Amendment (Banning Plastic Bags, Packaging and Microbeads) Bill 2016 is a legislation inquiry. This means that the Committee’s focus for the inquiry is on the specifics of the Bill rather than a broader review of issues that may relate to the Bill, but which ultimately fall outside its scope.

Many of the submissions and evidence received by the Committee went to the issue of the impact of plastic pollution on the environment and covered a range of matters not directly addressed by the Bill. The Committee greatly appreciated the time and work that went into the nearly 3,000 submissions received. In examining the Bill, the Committee has considered all of the submissions and, in this report, it briefly discusses some of the issues raised in submissions or in oral evidence by way of background information to the Bill.

The Committee, however, has not attempted to undertake a detailed inquiry into the impacts of plastic pollution on the environment, nor has it canvassed possible alternative solutions in any detail. The Committee notes this includes possible options that may fall out of any consideration of a Legislative Impact Assessment (LIA), which are briefly discussed later in this report.

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