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Remote Indigenous communications review

Telecommunications programs and current needs for remote Indigenous communities
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In June 2020, ACCAN commissioned Dr Daniel Featherstone to undertake a review of programs that support telecommunications and internet access in remote Indigenous communities (RICs), and any gaps or outstanding needs identified by community stakeholders.

This report is structured in two parts:

  1. Part A of this report provides a summary of previous and existing programs for improved communications infrastructure in RICs, including government and private sector initiatives, building upon existing ACCAN research. It also includes an estimate of the funds spent in the last 5 years on Indigenous communications nationwide.
  2. Part B provides an overview of the context and communications ecology of RICs, existing data collection and research identifying needs or gaps, and unmet communications needs of remote communities identified through community consultation.

The report concludes with a summary of the effectiveness and gaps within current government and external investment in improving digital inclusion of RICs. It provides a brief analysis of the gaps within current programs and raises the potential impact of emerging technologies.


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