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The NBN - Do Australian broadband households feel the need for speed?

16 Dec 2009

This paper discusses the views of Australian households with a current broadband connection. It is based on survey data collected during August 2008 from a national sample of households. The paper presents an initial analysis exploring a range of household perceptions and intentions related to adopting a high-speed broadband connection. A high-speed national broadband network (NBN) has been high on the political agenda since the lead-up to the 2007 Federal election, where both major parties went to the poll promoting their intention to implement an NBN. Neither party was deep on providing details of what their national broadband network would offer, except a high speed broadband connection of some form. The research outlined here discusses the views of households with an existing broadband connection and explores their intention and desire to move to a high-speed broadband connection. It provides important baseline data to inform public debate on broadband policy and questions if the NBN is being proposed as a supply driven model, without sufficient understanding or consideration of the demand factors amongst Australian households.

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