Public finance

Working paper

Public finance and service delivery: what's new, what's missing, what's next?

Since 2010, there has been growing interest in understanding how reforms to public financial management (PFM) systems can support improvements in spending on basic services. This paper takes stock of the emerging agenda on PFM and service delivery. It looks mainly at the way the...
Policy report

State finances after the pandemic

This report surveys the likely effects of the pandemic crisis on state budgets and then looks at the outlook for state fiscal aggregates as they were before the pandemic hit. It also traces the pre-crisis trends and trends and possible impacts of the crisis in...
Discussion paper

Inside the black box: the public finances after coronavirus

The global COVID-19 pandemic has required unprecedented government action at an unprecedented pace. It is vital that policymakers act to slow the spread of the virus, protect people's livelihoods and ensure the economic recovery delivers both prosperity and justice for the long term. This discussion...

McKinsey on government

This compendium focuses on the significant fiscal challenges facing jurisdictions around the world.

Alternative financing of government policies: understanding the fiscal costs and risks of loans, equity injections and guarantees

This report examines trends in the use of alternative financing arrangements, explains how these arrangements relate to the Commonwealth budget and identifies possible enhancements to budget reporting to support public understanding.

Sustainable Finance Forum: interim report 2019

This document is the Interim Report (Report) of the SFF. It represents the collective, and voluntary, efforts of the Sustainable Finance Forum (SFF) undertaken from January 2019 to October 2019. The report sets out why we need to shift, urgently, to a sustainable economy.
Discussion paper

Explaining monetary spillovers: the matrix reloaded

Using monetary policy shocks for 7 advanced economy central banks, measured at high frequency, this paper documents the strength and characteristics of interest rate spillovers to 47 advanced and emerging market economies.

Pre-election economic and fiscal outlook 2019

This report provides updated information on the economic and fiscal outlook for Australia in advance of the May 2019 federal election.
Briefing paper

Key issues for the 57th Parliament

This paper provides Members of the 57th Parliament of New South Wales with an authoritative overview of 45 key issues affecting the state in 2019. It presents the latest evidence on key areas for the NSW community such as health, education, crime and justice, housing...

Review of the Reserve Bank of Australia annual report 2018 (first report)

The Standing Committee on Economics, which can inquire into and report on any annual reports referred to it by the House of Representatives, agreed to undertake an inquiry into the 2018 Annual Report of the Reserve Bank of Australia.