WorldSkills and the OECD have joined forces to better understand the attitudes of young people when it comes to future technologies, their perceptions about how technological change will impact their work opportunities, and whether they feel if they are getting enough support from schools to prepare them for the future.

This survey aims to fill the gap surrounding international comparable data on perceptions on the future work. Through the OECD campaign “I am the future of work” and WorldSkills Conference 2019 in Kazan, the findings are being promoted with stakeholders to feed the debate and positively influence policies on skills and education for a future that works.

The respondents to the survey (conducted by ONEPoll) are young people at the end of general education and VET programmes from 19 “G20” countries. In addition, 1,488 samples were collected through WorldSkills Members who supported the research by sharing the survey with their networks: Australia, Canada, France, Japan, Russia, United Kingdom, and United States of America.

The survey covered young people aged 18-24 years old.

The primary target sample size was 500-1,000 per country.

Respondents come from contrasting socio-economic backgrounds and cultural experiences. The results from online quota-based panel polling were weighted to be representative of each country by age, gender, and whether the respondent had achieved a Bachelor’s degree or higher by the time of the poll. Respondents born outside the country are separated out for future analysis.

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