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Fact Check: Is the Government spending record amounts on health and hospitals?

Replying to a suggestion that voters might prefer higher hospital and education funding over tax cuts, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claimed the Government was spending "record amounts" on hospitals and health.
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Fact Check: Did the Victorian Coalition cut a billion dollars from health when last in office?

Ahead of the 2018 state election, Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy claimed that when the Coalition was last in office, it cut $1 billion from the health system.
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Fact Check: Did the Coalition Government cut $3b from the NSW health budget?

NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley claims the Coalition Government has cut $3 billion from health.

Digital prosperity: how broadband can deliver health and equity to all communities

Broadband is essential infrastructure, and the country’s digital divide confirms the challenges to bringing its benefits to every person, regardless of demographics or geography. As broadband affects nearly every social determinant of health, barriers to adoption and use represent significant challenges in individual and community-level...

Social prescribing roundtable November 2019: report

This report outlines the arguments for a strategic and systematic approach to incorporating social prescribing into the Australian healthcare system, starting in primary care. The recommendations in this report have been synthesised and derived from expert discussions and reflect a shared desire to see a...

WA cancer plan 2020–2025

This strategy document provides high level direction to guide the optimal delivery of cancer control and research to meet the needs of Western Australians impacted by cancer. The plan supports cancer control and research organisations to embrace innovation and change, be outward looking and fit...
Working paper

Reaching universal health coverage: a political economy review of trends across 49 countries

This paper aims to understand why and how countries provide health coverage, particularly to left-behind groups. To address these questions, the authors identify 49 geographically, economically and culturally diverse countries that have either achieved universal health coverage (UHC) or have made good progress towards it.

Future planning and advance care planning

Advance Care Planning (ACP) has been shown to increase compliance with individuals’ end of life wishes and to reduce stress and anxiety in individuals and carers. However the adoption of ACP is yet to become widespread in the Australia. For ACP to meet the needs...
Journal article

Factors associated with reported service use for mental health problems by residents of rural and remote communities: Cross-sectional findings from a baseline survey

The patterns of health service use by rural and remote residents are poorly understood and under-represented in national surveys. This paper examines professional and non-professional service use for mental health problems in rural and remote communities in Australia.

Palliative care in the Pacific: initial research

This report presents an initial examination of palliative care across the Pacific region. There is scarce literature on palliative care in Pacific island countries and territories, but the documented disease profile shows a need for expanded palliative care.