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The experimenter’s inventory: a catalogue of experiments for decision-makers and professionals

What is experimentation in policy or practice? And why is an experiment worth investing in? This inventory provides a catalogue of experiments of different shapes and sizes, and simple advice on the pros and cons of different designs.

65610 | Social investment: chance for a mentality shift

This paper explores the New Zealand Government’s thinking around its Social Investment approach form the perspective of an experienced political journalist and commentator. It updates the author’s June 2015 Institute for Governance and Policy Studies working paper [James 2015] in the light of subsequent policy...

Big issues for WA: policy options for challenges ahead

In this document, opinion formers discuss concerns that are vital for the future success of the state’s economy, communities, public services and social cohesion. Contributors are focused on old and new problems, fresh ideas and approaches, and crucially, the use of evidence and expertise to...
Working paper

The politics of gender-responsive social protection

This paper analyses social protection policy and programming through a gendered political economy lens, to understand why and how progress has (or has not) been made in promoting gender equality and empowerment outcomes, and to identify entry points for action.

Mapping social cohesion: the Scanlon Foundation surveys 2019

This report presents the findings of the twelfth Scanlon Foundation Mapping Social Cohesion national survey, conducted in July-August 2019.
Briefing paper

No-deal Brexit: the implications for labour and social rights

This briefing examines the implications of a no-deal Brexit for labour and social rights in the UK and explores how the legal framework governing these rights may change after a no-deal.

Protecting all: risk sharing for a diverse and diversifying world of work

Forces disrupting markets and changing the nature of work present a fundamental challenge to prevailing employment-based risk-sharing policies in countries at all levels of development. This publication proposes a package of protections, labor benefits, and services that are more relevant to the diverse and diversifying...
Briefing paper

Findings of the 14th Annual Statistical Report of the HILDA Survey

The 14th HILDA Annual Statistical Report 2019 has been released. This resource outlines some of the key observations.
Briefing paper

Common Futures Conversations: youth survey 2019

Common Futures Conversations is a collaboration between Chatham House and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, which aims to facilitate political dialogue among young people from Africa and Europe.

Needs assessment: Families and Children Expert Panel practice resource

This resource provides a definition of ‘needs assessment’ and outlines how to undertake one. This resource is for practitioners and policy makers who want to learn more about the needs assessment process or how to conduct a needs assessment.