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This Collection demonstrates Torrens University’s excellence in research that focuses on the equity of the delivery of public health and social services to a diverse population both here in Australia and internationally, and explores social, administrative, and technological responses to these and broader social justice...
Research Summary

Exposure and impact of sports and race betting advertising in Australia

This snapshot shows where and how often Australians are exposed to wagering advertising in the last 12 months. Wagering operators use a diverse and increasingly sophisticated range of advertising platforms and strategies to promote their services, including in traditional media and via online/interactive modes.
Research Summary

Community attitudes towards sports and race betting advertising in Australia

This summary outlines findings from research into community attitudes towards sports and race betting advertising.

Management of migration to Australia — Family Migration Program

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Home Affairs' management of family-related visas.

Amnesty International report 2022/23: the state of the world's human rights

2022 saw new, renewed and protracted conflicts that led to appalling tragedies. Some of them amounted to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Across the world, authorities continued their heavy-handed repression of universal freedoms. This report connects these issues at global and regional levels. It...
Research Summary

Gambling participation, experience of harm and community views: an overview

To enhance understanding and inform improved policy responses, researchers asked Australian adults about their participation in gambling, attitudes towards wagering advertising, how exposure to advertising influences their behaviour and their views on potential policy responses. This snapshot summaries the key findings of the recent survey.
Research Summary

Gambling participation and experience of harm in Australia

This snapshot explores how often Australians gamble, how much they spent, their risk of gambling harm, and community attitudes towards gambling.

“It’s hell”: how inadequate income support is causing harm

The surging cost of living is having a devastating impact for people on income support, according to this report by ACOSS. Researchers surveyed 365 people living on JobSeeker, Youth Allowance and Parenting Payment over February and March 2023, finding income support payments are completely inadequate.

Victim-survivors’ views on and expectations for the criminalisation of coercive control in Australia: findings from a national survey

This report presents the findings from a national survey of 1261 victim-survivors of coercive control. The survey examined victim-survivors views on the criminalisation of coercive control.

Poverty in Australia 2023: who is affected

This report uses data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics to identify the groups facing the highest risk of poverty and the groups of people most likely to be living in poverty.

Understanding the employment ecosystem for people with intellectual disability

This paper provides an overview of the employment ecosystem which constructs access to employment supports for people with disability.

School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) – reshaping the approach

This paper collates the existing data available on School Leaver Employment Supports, and on the experiences of young people with intellectual disability seeking school to work transition. It identifies employment support needs aligned to best practice evidence.

The WISE-Ability Model

This paper presents a new model for Australian Disability Enterprises: the WISE-Ability model. The model articulates the organisational elements that build capacity of employees including pathways to open employment. The paper also identifies data from research about the funding barriers to transitioning employees from ADEs...

Financial abuse: the weaponisation of child support in Australia

This report draws on post-separation lived experience to demonstrate the ways that the Australian Child Support Scheme can be used and abused to jeopardise the financial safety of recipient parents and their children.

The logic for reform: employment for people with intellectual disability in Australia

This paper is an overview of research undertaken by the Centre for Social Impact related to the employment needs of people with disability over several years, in addition to a substantial body of research related to social enterprise.

Understanding the elements of employment support

This paper explains the range of employment supports that should be available for people with disabilities, and the extent to which they are provided in the current system.

The ADE Snapshot

This paper collates the existing data available about Australian Disability Enterprises, adding new data to identify the current state of the ADE sector.

Taxi troubles: the experiences of people with disability and taxis in NSW

This report of an online survey on the experiences of people with disability using taxi services provides clear evidence that the point-to-point transport network is not meeting the needs of its users, and that industry practices are in fact, are actively discouraging people with disability...

A blueprint to tackle Queensland’s housing crisis

Other authors
Matthew Kok Ming Ng
This report considers the role that both the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments have in addressing the current housing crisis, and includes a policy review, private rental housing market analysis, and social housing needs analysis.

Remembering and recovering from COVID-19

Relationships Australia is the home of the Neighbours Every Day campaign, which promotes the importance of social connection. This project sought to understand the unique effects COVID-19 and associated restrictions have had on multicultural communities in Melbourne, especially in relation to their social connections.

A contributing life: a snapshot of the value of social production

Social production is made up of unpaid contributions to society through activities such as volunteering, the education and care of children, building community infrastructure, or informal mentoring. This report shines a spotlight on the unseen value Australians contribute to national prosperity in terms of social...
Briefing paper

Yooralla's Hospital to Home (H2H) Program

Yooralla’s experience indicates that the ‘Pathways to Home’ Program is a successful model for supporting people to live in a home-like environment while awaiting permanent supports.

State of the sector 2022

QCOSS’ annual 'State of the sector' report highlights emerging issues, and challenges identified by the social services sector, based on recent feedback and engagement.

Let’s talk about sex: exploring practitioners’ views on discussing intimate partner sexual violence in domestic and family violence perpetrator intervention programs

Domestic and family violence (DFV) reform agendas in Australia increasingly assert the need to shift the burden of responsibility away from victim-survivors and ensure a sustained focus on DFV perpetrators. This report presents findings from a study examining how DFV perpetrator intervention programs respond to...

Senate Select Committee on Work and Care: final report

This final report from the Senate Select Committee on Work and Care draws on 11 days of hearings across Australia, as well as 125 published submissions. The issue of predictable pay and working hours has emerged as an important and significant issue in the inquiry...